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Today is a great day as was yesterday and as will be tomorrow. Many are the days ahead that will be filled with the peace, joy and loving presence of God's Spirit. I know with an unexplainable knowing that His Spirit surrounds me and is giving the impressions on my mind of those things that are to be accomplish in the days, weeks and months ahead.
Piled on the desk, work-table, filed within envelopes and on the hard drive of my computer are many notes, writings, words and things given to be filled out and prepared for all those that seek to know God and experience His presence in their lives. This journey is about each of us that have chosen to search deep into our hearts, minds and soul. We crave to experience the presence of God, to learn more of His unconditional love, compassion and acceptance. God has promised each one of us that He will accept us as we are.
God desires that you search for Him. It is with a simple "desire to know" Him that He will come to you and me and open our hearts and minds to His love and the knowledge of Him. Many people are afraid to seek God; but within the bible His Word assures great promises. He will come to you and me; however every one of us must do our part to open the door for the Son of God to enter in. He knocks on the door asking us to let Him in. Only we can open the door to our hearts.

For me, God revealed Himself in a simple whisper that came with peace of understanding and the deeper desire to experience again the presence of His Holy Spirit -- the desire to know Him more. As you seek God's presence, more of Him will be given you. His Spirit will rest, walk, talk and sit beside you; and you also will begin to experience His Holy Spirit within you and His great love.

These things are for all of us and will only come to each as we seek to have a loving relationship and knowledge of Him. God's work is never completed and as co-creators with His guidance, we have accomplished many great things in our spirit life before we came to walk on this earth. We are not humans having spiritual experiences but a spirit having a human experience. Therefore, the desire to turn to God and seek Him is embedded deep within your heart, mind and soul. Knowing God is an awesome experience that one cannot adequately describe to another. But God's Spirit can give the words needed and give to others the assurance that what is said by us as our testimony, is truth.

We live in the presence of the Spirit and are surrounded by God's angels at war against the powers of this world. And as we seek the presence and knowledge of God, the powers of evil cannot claim us as his.

I have experienced the healing powers of God. I have been blessed with knowledge that I could not completely understand then but will today or in a future time. I have been greatly blessed to lay prone before our God and there are no words that can adequately describe that which I have seen - our Savior and the brilliance of our God and given the complete assurance the Holy Spirit was beside me. I heard the pleads from my prayers presented to God by Jesus Christ for our Heavenly Parent to grant them at that time - all that I had requested in the past and in the present. I could not look at God, His brilliance is to great, but it was with an unexplainable knowing that it was He and I knew I was unworthy to be in His presence or look upon Him. In front of me was God in all of His greatness. To my right stood Jesus Christ our Savior and I could see the outline of His figure dressed in a pure white robe. To my left was an entity that I could not see but appeared as ripples in the place of Its presence like the heat ripples on a hot summer day on a road in front of us and I knew with great assurance it was the Spirit of God and It stood in witness for me. Since this experience, I have seen many of the blessings God granted occur in the lives of my extended family and in my own life.

All of the above and that yet to be written are but a few of the miracles and blessings that God has granted me. You too can have these life changing experiences that start with a simple 'desire to know.' It is an invitation for God to enter into your life. Then the spiritual experiences and miracles begin. They will come stronger as you grow and understand God's Word and learn to walk in the footsteps of the Living Son of God. There will be struggles as we all stumble, fall down or run into the ditch but God's Spirit will be there to guide us back to the pathway we are to walk and protect us as we do our best to follow in our Savor's footsteps. Yes, God lives, Jesus Christ lives and the Spirit of God lives! I have been in their presence and know they live. I have heard each of Their voices and it is my prayer that my voice will not ever again be silent about their reality.

There is much we can do on our walk with Jesus Christ that will lead us to the state God wants and desires us to reach; obedience to His Word and then to stand in His presence. He has given us a multitude of ways to accomplish this - us giving forgiveness to others, asking for God's forgiveness, belief in His Word, prayer, faith that help us to return to Him. He grants us mercy, the strength to follow the footprints of His Living Son, the presence of His Spirit to guide us, knowledge, assurance of His Spirit' presence, spiritual and physical blessings - blessings beyond measure. And, it all starts with a simple 'desire to know.'


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